Conservation and Our Earth

When you think of conservation, what do you think of? You may think about conservation in regards to our Earth, nature, animals, resources, or just our environment in general. People remain generally uninformed about what conservation truly means for our environment. The Conservation Movement, is a movement used to protect natural resources. This movement is considered social, political, and especially environmental. This movement can extend from forests to oceans, to various other habitats. The sole stated purpose of The Conservation Movement, is to make sure that natural resources are sustained for continued use by humans. Energy conservation is also deemed high priority in addition to protecting the other natural resources.

Deforestation is a huge issue nearly everywhere on the earth. Deforestation is the removal of trees from an area, where the former land will be converted to something that is no longer forest related. For example, if trees are removed from an area to build a farm, or to produce urban land, this would be a case of deforestation. Conservationists are particularly concerned with the deforestation of The Amazon, due to the high amounts of exotic plant and animal life that resides there. Scientists also believe in the possibility of finding cures to various diseases by using the plant life, and bacteria naturally found in the forest environment, such as The Amazon.

Another abused resource on Earth, is the over use of energy. The trick to energy preservation, is to use Earth’s resources more efficiently. The largest consumers of energy, are from The United States. Recycling is a simple method of home energy efficiency, as well as using the cool water cycle on a washing machine or automatic dish washer. Keeping rooms not overly heated or cool, is also a way to conserve energy. Conservation is an important key to preserving Earth, and its natural life and resources.